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Fiction is not stranger than truth in Mexico.

Welcome to the eighth edition of La Basura Mañanera!

your roundup of the most striking Mexican news you probably don’t crave, all in one place every morning if I have the mental fortitude to read them the night before. Here are the important stories you need to know.

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First bag: Richie Rich Fucktard

Are the words that Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, a man that contradicts himself so much he might as well be a professional youtube commenter, used to describe the other Presidential Candidate Ricardo Anaya. For a change, Obrador might... might just be right on the “rich” part.

Ricardo Anaya was supposedly caught laundering millions of dollars through the sale of an industrial unit in his home state to bankroll his presidential bid. The allegations that originally reached as far away as Europe were dropped by Mexico’s Office of the Attorney General (PGR). But things changed as audio clips of Mexican-Spanish businessman Juan Barreiro surfaced discussing how the money from the asset sale is being used to bankroll Anaya’s campaign.


(Quick side note: it was reported by Spanish news paper, El Español, that European authorities were investigating the laundering scheme. Because Juan and Manuel are dual citizens, they could be cited to appear in court in Europe even if Mexico’s PGR drop’s the case. However Anaya could avoid that even if the allegations are true.)

The damming allegations show Juan Barreiro discussing how he, and his brother Manuel, helped bankroll Anaya’s campaign through money laundering schemes that included drug money. However, the video’s credibility is questioned as Juan is only shown introducing the topic in a quiet conference room when the video feed dissappears and is replaced by a shaky audio recording that is hard to understand thanks to all the noise in the background.


Anaya naturally disputed the claims, and insisted it was a part of a smear campaign by incumbent party and Mexico’s “woe is me” : PRI. Anaya said that the carefully edited and prepared video that surfaced on an established website was an immediate response by Enrique Peña Nieto to claims Anaya made about him in a conference at Universidad Iberoamericana, you know... the place where Enrique Peña Nieto was chased to a bathroom by an angry mob of students six years ago... Anaya, contrary to Peña Nieto, was cheered around the university, as he claimed he would make sure Peña Nieto “Faces Consequences” for the various corruption scandals his government has seen.

Regardless of that petty fight, it is still unclear whether Mexico’s Office of the Attorney General will re-open the case given the new information.


Second bag: The seagull hasn’t spoken.


Mexico’s first lady, Angelica “La Gaviota” Rivera, is battling false allegations that she called indigenous people “disgusting” and Mexico “infested with delinquents” These allegations were spread by a “fake news” website and there is no base on the claims.

However, the first lady is used to controversy, as she owned a 80 million MXN mansion in Mexico City (that was built by an important government contractor during Nieto’s campaign and governorship) and claimed she attained the funds to buy it through the INFONAVIT; a government agency made to give resources to working class people in order to buy a home.


Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if she said any of that at a rooftop brunch in her mansion. But it goes to show the voracity of fake news and how it could drown someone even more than they have already drowned themselves in criticism.

Third Bag: The executives have spoken


Famous Mexico City radio host, and the guy that ruined most new songs by playing them ten fucking times a day, Antonio Esquinca, was suspended for thirty business days following an on air temper tantrum about Presidential Candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and his opposition on the Educational Reform that was enacted a few years ago.

Esquinca, who claims he was drunk during the 9AM broadcast, said that Obrador represents a rejection to education and seeks to abuse the fanaticism and power that the poorly educated have given him (by far the biggest voting group for Obrador). Esquinca then claimed that if Obrador were to win, he’d leave the country in fear of persecution and that “no one gave me anything; I made myself” probably reflecting the widely held belief that Obrador´s policies would wreck havoc on Mexico´s economy and stability.

Esquinca apologized for the vile language (on the show typically heard by children on their way to school), for his drunkenness, but claimed he would not change his political position on Obrador being a direct danger to the country, or that he’s basically a fascistic politician. He also said that he would take the opportunity of being suspended for a month to go into rehab for alcohol abuse.


Fourth bag: Damn, why is everyone being suspended?


Federal court judge professional jackass Maria de Carmen Torres Medina was suspended for nine months after it was proven she harassed at least nine workers while serving her post as a Federal judge for civil and labor affairs in Guerrero.

It was also proven that during her harassment fits she denied the right of a staffer to feed her baby. The judiciary council in Mexico City approved the measures without her opposing them at all.


Mrs. Fisher is a Political Scientist and former local congresswoman.

Victor Hugo Romo, an idiot that is in the path to be my Borough Leader again, and Magui Fisher, the type of person that misspells her own name to sound cooler, began fighting over who did what when it comes to crime in the Borough of Miguel Hidalgo. As of now the last elected Borough Leader was Xochil Galvez; she was famous for fighting with a bus driver that got too close to her bicycle, and having a community manager that was arrested for causing civil unrest in Jalisco. She resigned to participate in the 2018 federal senate race.

Victor Hugo Romo is an Economist, former Borough Leader, and current local congressman.

Yeah. #Politics.

Anyway, before Xochil Galvez’ otherwise uneventful three years in the post Miguel Hidalgo was miss-managed by Romo as member of PRD, with looming overspending and lateness charges on the renovation to Presidente Mazaryk and some huge abuses to the building code. Right now and thanks to Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, Magui Fisher is running as a member of PAN, and PRD, while Victor Humo Romo is running as a member of Morena and a man currently being investigated for corruption charges.

This shitshow contained some wonderful allegations, like Margarita Fisher calling her competitor “Victor Hurto y Robo” “Victor Plundered and Stole.” While Victor Hugo Romo answered back by saying #Maguilatransa, that basically means “Magui the cheater” This was all stopped by the PRI candidate who said “WHY CAN’T WE BE FRIENDS and have the HOAs figure it out?”

Anyways, enjoy this poorly made GIF of Fisher’s new security proposal; DRONES, GMC Yukons, and acrynims that spell out “SAFE” .


Clearly my Property and Value Added taxes will be put to good use.

Recylcing: The race for the Boroughs.

Mexico City did what DC couldn’t and it attained most of the faculties of a state, which means that the previously tightly regulated Boroughs now change over to alcaldias and will behave more like Municipalities in a normal state. This means that these new (townships?) will be allowed to become indebted which scares the shit out of me for obvious reasons.

These townships will have a lot of independence, which begs the question, what will the chief of government do? Polls normally focus on who will be Mexico City’s new chief of government because we’re used to a centrally managed city. But the new constitution’s guidelines will give a lot of very important duties to the new township leaders, part of the reason why Magui can tout a new police force in her campaign site. Since Mexico City doesn’t have local police, only state and federal.


The polls that show Claudia Shienboum and Mikel Arriola as the current front runners forgo the fact that most townships will go to neither of their parties,so we could end up with a city governed by someone at the state level, and governed by a drone enthusiast at the local level. A bit like a Illinois and Chicago; the political divides in Mexico City can only seem to increment this election cycle, and will shape future political debate in more creative and excruciating ways.

This is also true of the federal race, where no matter which candidate wins, no one will have a congressional super majority; while it is very probable that the smaller Anaya coalition (PAN-PRD-MC) and Meade coalition (PRI-PVEM) will mostly side together againt’s Obrador’s larger but still not majority coalition (MRN, PT, PES), the congress will be hung between various entities.


I read a while ago that “no matter who wins, what is undeniable is that Mexico will change” and it seems to be the case at the moment, as political movements are starting to get defined better and voters see an unprecedented election where 72% of Mexicans disapprove of the incumbent party: being loyal to your party is simply out of question this cycle and hopefully more people find the time to learn about their candidates, and see the real impact that people like Victor Hugo Romo and Magui Fisher could have in their lives. Maybe the drunken millionaire radio host is wrong and he will still continue to ruin songs every time I forget my auxiliary cable. One can only guess. The only truth is that Mexico seems to be really surreal at the moment.

That’ll be all for today, wait for the next edition of La Basura Mañanera whenever I have the time to do it again and remember: news without context is nothing but content!

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